Winter Pest Inspection Checklist

Here’s a quick Winter pest inspection checklist. If you have not yet covered all of these items, now is the time to make sure nothing has been neglected.

The results for you are a safe pest-free Winter, prevention of visible and unseen pest damage to your home, elimination of additional entry points in your home for bacteria and disease and a head start on a pest-free Spring.

Since the busyness of the holiday season is upon us, you may want to have a trusted professional make this inspection.

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pest-control-018Winter Pest Inspection Checklist – 9 Exterior Items to Check

Inspect your home’s exterior to locate and remove potential pest and insect habitats. Typically, insects seek areas that offer moisture, food and shelter – places to rest, reproduce or hide from predators:

  1. Clean out gutters and downspouts. Accumulated debris can provide habitat for insects.
  2. Check downspouts to ensure they direct all water away from your home.
  3. Eliminate debris resting against or near the house, including rock or compost piles, old boards, or bricks.
  4. Store firewood outdoors and away from the house.
  5. Pull mulch back so it’s not resting against the house.
  6. Store trash cans away from your home. Trash offers a food source that’s appealing to insects and other vermin. Keep cans tightly closed at all times.
  7. Shift plantings so they’re not directly touching the foundation. Prune tree limbs that overhang gutters or roof lines, and trim shrubs that rub against a wall, porch or deck.
  8. Remove autumn leaves that collect against the house, porch and other outside structures.
  9. Replace exterior lights. Trade traditional bulbs, which lure insects, with yellow or sodium vapor bulbs 

Winter Pest Inspection ChecklistWinter Pest Inspection Checklist – Seal Openings

Inspect your home’s exterior carefully and take steps to seal any openings you find. This not only can help keep insect pests out, but also can help keep the heat in and cold air out.

  1. Replace screens with storm windows. If you leave screens in year-round, make sure they fit tightly and don’t have holes, tears or other openings.
  2. Check seals around entry doors and crawl space openings. Replace worn weather stripping and caulk or repair as needed.
  3. Inspect basement windows. If concrete is chipping or broken, replace it.
  4. Examine the foundation. Seal cracks and crevices with caulk or concrete. Stuff steel wool into holes.
  5. Look at eaves and facia boards carefully, and examine flashing. Damp wood is an invitation to insect pests. Replace any rotting wood.
  6. Double-check attic vents to ensure seals are tight. 

Credits: Winterize Your Home and Keep Pests Out – Guarantee Pest Control

Wishing you a safe Winter and a pest-free Spring this year.

Give yourself a holiday gift. Have the experts at ApolloX Pest Control climb the ladders, crawl into the corners and make sure there are no pest entry points into your home.

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