Why Winter Pest Control: Is it Really Necessary?

Why Winter Pest ControlWhy Winter pest control?

Most people assume that pests hibernate during the Winter, emerge in the Spring and multiply during the warmer months. Isn’t it more effective to apply pest control in the Spring when the pests are most active?

Why Winter Pest Control: Heat-Seeking Pests

Some insects are especially attracted to your warm home during the cold months: When the weather cools in the fall, pests like spiders, stink bugs, centipedes, box elder bugs, lady bugs, and others will feel the warmth escaping from small cracks in your home and squeeze their way inside and still be very active.  Credits: 6 Reasons You Need Pest Control in the Winter | Tomlinson
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Why Winter Pest Control: Rodents

Mice and rats also seek the warmth of your home during the cold months. Mid-Winter is a good time to check and refresh rodent bait stations. Here’s an all-around solid training of rodent proofing:

Why Winter Pest Control: Pest “Hot Spots”

Pest activity often begins and takes hold in certain  “hot spots” like basements, garages and crawl spaces. Mice, termites, earwigs, crickets, spiders and centipedes love these areas. Treating these in mid-Winter gives your pest control program an edge for the rest of the year so you are less likely to need to play “catch up” during the warmer months.

Problems like spiders are more common during the cooler months. Spiders can quickly accumulate in the right conditions. The presence of spider webs could mean that a potential infestation problem is fast approaching. Spiders can really increase their numbers and reproduce quickly. Areas can even become re-infested whenever the eggs hatch. Credits: How to prepare for the winter months | Green Guard Pest Control
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Moles Pest ControlWhy Winter Pest Control: The Vole Invasion

Vole problems are at their worse in the Spring. But they start tunneling in the lawn during the Winter in their search for food. This search for food can make freshly stocked bait stations more effective during the Winter.

Why Winter Pest Control: Firewood and Potted Plants

We love our potted plants, and bring them into the home during the Winter so they won’t freeze. Insects can hitch a ride into the home along with the potted plants. Same thing happens with firewood brought into the home.

Why Winter Pest ControlWhy Winter Pest Control: Smallest Crack Becomes a Pest Highway

How big an opening do heat-seeking pests need in order to enter your home to escape from Winter cold?

  • House mouse, 1/4” opening
  • Norway rat, 1/2” opening
  • Adult German cockroach, 1/16” opening
  • House fly, 5/64” opening
  • Mosquito, 3/64” opening

 Credits: Winter demands stepped-up pestcontrol efforts at your restaurant

With the right Winter pest control, a homeowner should be able to enjoy their warm house all Winter long, and not have to worry about sharing their space with unwanted house guests.

Why Winter Pest Control:  Great Time for a Pest Inspection

Perhaps you’d rather be enjoying the Winter holidays instead of checking your home for pests? We’ll crawl into the crawl spaces and brave the spiders so you don’t have to.

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