Weather Proofing Your Home for Winter

Weather proofing your home can save you thousands of dollars this Winter. Actually, we received this cool infographic from an insurance guy who is in a position to know exactly how much the average homeowner stands to save by weather proofing their home. In fact, there are specific weatherproofing actions you need to take in order to be among those who realize the savings.

Here’s the quick summary list (see the infographic below for more details and research links):

Weather Proofing Your Home Windows

  • Make sure your windows are installed correctly.
  • Add shades or drapes.

Weather Proofing Your Home Doors

  • Use door draft excluders.
  • Fix leaks around doors and windows.

Weather Proofing Your Home Around the House

  • Get a water heater insulating blanket.
  • Insulate your outlets.
  • Add attic insulation.

Weather Proofing Your Home Outside

  • Insulate pipes around the outside of your home.
  • Drain pipes if you’re leaving your home.
  • Inspect your chimney.
  • Trim trees around your home.

Weather Proofing Your Home Against Floods

  • Always have a supply of sand bags available to protect exit doors.
  • Try to keep all electric sockets and electrical appliances as high as possible off the floor.
  • Install non-slip tiling on the ground floor instead of carpets.

Weather Proofing Your Home Through Insurance

  • Check policy warranties.
  • Keep policies updated.
  • Photo inventory all valuables.

In addition, learn what % of damage is on average caused by rain, wind, show, ice and other elements. See the infographic below.

Weather Proofing Your Home Through Getting Smart Advice

When our experts at ApolloX Pest Control inspect a home for pests, we often discover other issues that need attention such as weather proofing. Though it’s best to have your home professionally inspected by a weather proofing expert, we may be able to point out a few of the larger weather proofing issues. After all, who else explores every corner of your home from the crawl space to the attic? Call ApolloX for a pest control inspection and you may discover some additional valuable information about your home.

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Weather Proofing Your Home

Credit for this Weather Proofing Your Home infographic: Jim Flannery

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