Wasp Extermination Timing – Best Time to Kill Wasps

Wasp Extermination Timing – Many Sightings On Warm Spring Days

Wasp Extermination Timing We get a lot of calls during the Spring months from home owners concerned about wasps. They sighted one or more wasps on their property and wonder if it’s time to take action. When it comes to wasps, as with other pests, timing is critical, so it’s always a good idea to call the experts when there’s a question.

So, let’s discuss the best timing for wasp control measures.

What are those early Spring arrivals up to? A lot of times when its unseasonably warm outside in the mid-spring, like maybe 15-20 degrees above normal, wasps are scattered about and looking feverishly to make a nest. They really haven’t established their nest yet so there’s no hard target for wasp control measures.

Wasp Extermination Timing – What Are They Up To In the Spring?

Wasp Extermination TimingWasps start a new nest every year. When you see them flying around in early – mid Spring, these are the potential Queens looking to make a nest.

It’s important to wait for wasps to establish a nest.

Then we’ll have a hard target. We can take care of the wasp nest at that time.

Wasp nests are usually established around mid-June to early July, depending on the weather. It’s very important to take care of the nest at that time…

…because a nest left to it’s own devices will spawn multiple queens, each of which will over-Winter and emerge next Spring looking to establish a nest of her own! Note that each of these nests can eventually contain 5000 or more wasps!

Wasp Extermination Timing – You May Be Observing Honey Bees

Wasp Extermination TimingNow, let’s go back to those early – mid Spring sightings. It’s possible that it’s not a wasp. Look closely. It might be honey bees. This is an entirely different situation. In the case of honey bees, we’ll need to have a bee keeper come out and try and extract the Queen from the nest, and remove the nest out of your house. With the bees removed, the next step will be to remove the honey, which could attract other pests.

Wasp Extermination Timing – Call the Experts

If you see numerous stinging insects on your property or in your home, it’s best to call the experts.

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  1. deborah Shaw

    we have a couple of areas (deck, wall, and attic) where wasps have been a problem during summer. We live in Western NY where it is getting quite wintery….is this the time to have someone check this out?


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