Terrier Dog Needs Home – He’s Family-Ready!

Terrier Dog Needs Home – Our Discoveryterrier dog needs home

Often in the course of our pest control work, trusted clients will look to us for help outside the realm of pest control. One of our clients just approached us with a sad story of a Tibetan Terrier, Herbie. Herbie’s owners, no longer able to care for him, brought him to Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue (ROAR) shelter. They’ve owned Herbie since he was a pup. Herbie is now about 7 years old.

Terrier Dog Needs Home – Has A Winning Personality

Herbie’s gentle personality has already won the love of the staff and many visitors at the ROAR shelter. He is used to being with a family and was brought to ROAR through no fault of his own. It appears Herbie will adapt quickly to a new family, given the proper love and care.

Terrier Dog Needs Home – Up on Vaccinations and Other Important Items

Imagine how nice it would be to avoid all the trouble of house-training a puppy, vaccinations (Herbie is up to date on these), neutering (done!). Herbie is even microchipped!

The adoption fee is only $250. Visit the ROAR website at http://roar-ridgefield.org to learn more about the pet adoption policies. Better yet, drop in to see Herbie (please call first: 203-438-0158)!

Donofrio Family Animal Shelter
45 South Street
Ridgefield, CT 06877

Terrier Dog Needs Home – Personality is More Important Than Breed

Note: ROAR is pretty good at guessing the dog breed, but it is a close approximation based on their highly educated guess of the predominate breed or mix. ROAR gets to know each dog personally and by the time the adopting family arrives to view Herbie, they’ll be able to say a lot about the personality of the dog, which is far more important than any breed label.

In all, Herbie is ready to make some lucky family very happy. Come visit him at ROAR!

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