Termites In Your Firewood Pile?

Mid-Winter Pest Control TreatmentsWinter is the time we enjoy the warm glow and dancing flames of a roaring fire. However, the material for that lovely fire can be a welcome mat for termites to enter the home. One of the primary ways termites get into a home is via the firewood pile. What are the chances of having termites in your firewood pile?

This problem becomes larger the warmer your climate. In the Northeastern U.S. you won’t find termites entering a home through the firewood pile, but other dangerous pests may gain an entrance. If you live in the Northeastern U.S., see our article: “Termites In Northeastern Firewood Piles.”

Termites In Your FirewoodTermites in Your Firewood Pile: Just the beginning…

Pests like termites, stink bugs, and Boxelder bugs can take up residence in wood piles during the winter. From there they can migrate into your home, where they can cause even more annoyances or, in the case of termites, severe structural damage over time. Strictly speaking, termites aren’t actually any more active in winter than they are in summer, but using firewood brings an added risk to your home.

Termites In Your Firewood PileTermites in Your Firewood Pile: A Homeowner’s Experience

We heard the story of a home owner who created a huge stack of firewood in his garage–enough to heat his home through the winter. Weeks later he noticed a little motion in the pile, examined it more closely and discovered chunks of wood infested with termites. He had no idea the extent of the infestation, and needed to have his entire home treated. The treatment was better than the consequences of ignoring the problem. Termites have been known to bring an entire structure down!

Termites in Your Firewood Pile: What to do?

Have you noticed bugs in your firewood pile? Don’t let the problem go. The presence of any bugs can indicate the possible presence of termites.

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Termites In Your Firewood Pile: Don’t let them get there in the first place.

To keep termites, stink bugs, and other bugs out of your firewood, be sure to store it off the ground and away from the house. Placing your pile of firewood on a raised, plastic platform will prevent most bugs from entering the wood in the first place. If you keep your firewood outside all year long, storing it under sheets of plastic can help kill any bugs by raising the temperature underneath and overheating the insects.

When it does come time to bring firewood inside, be sure to inspect it carefully. While other, non-termite insects can burrow and leave tunnels, they’re a good indicator of whether or not any bugs have infested your wood.

Credits: How to Manage Your Winter Pest Problem РLifehacker

Preventing Termites In Your Firewood Pile: Easier than removing them.

Know that preventing an infestation is much easier than removing one!

Credits: How to Manage Your Winter Pest Problem – Lifehacker

Remember, if you see insects in your firewood pile, and your firewood pile is stacked against your home–or inside your garage:

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Don’t risk a termite infestation!