Termite Prevention Tips – Don’t Host A New Colony

Termite Prevention Tips: Why Prevention?

Termite Prevention TipsAs they say, “An ounce off prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s far easier to prevent a termite problem than cure one. Termites, once established, if left to their own devices, will bring the entire house down. They’re just doing their job, which is to break down dead wood so that it can decompose back into the soil. You just don’t want them doing that to your home!

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Termite Prevention Tips: They All Have One Thing in Common

Termites love warm, moist decomposing wood. All the termite prevention tips in this article are basically saying the same thing: “Make sure that there is no warm, moist decomposing wood in or around your home. If there is, termites are likely to eventually find it, move in and finish the job.”

Remember that every Spring the termite’s reproductive winged versions emerge and swarm, then disperse far and wide looking for ideal conditions in which to create their next termite colony. If a few of these small winged bugs get into or around your home and find moist wood, that’s all they need to successfully multiply!

Termite Prevention TipsTermite Prevention Tips: Here are 5 of the Most Important 

These 5 specific measures will help ensure the next termite colony does not make its home inside your home.

  • Move Firewood Away – The most important strategy for preventing termites is to move any wet wood away from the home. An example is firewood. Firewood should be as far away from the home as possible, as it is the most popular food for termites and will attract them to your home.
  • Consider Moisture Control – Inside of your home, you need to control your moisture, especially in areas that retain moisture and have wood the termites might enjoy. Consider a dehumidifier in attics, basements, and garages if those areas have excess moisture. Divert downspouts away from your home and clean out gutters to improve drainage. Image Credits: 5 Things You Should Be Doing To Prevent Termites in Your Home
  • Trim/Remove/Monitor Old Trees – Much like with firewood, termites will look for the most delicious meals first before moving on to your home. If you have an old tree, make sure it’s trimmed or removed. If you don’t want to remove it, watch it closely for signs of termites.
  • Keep Space Between Plants, Water, and Home – It’s also recommended that you keep all plants and water as far from the home as possible. Make sure your gutters and drains are working and consider non-edible landscaping around your home.Credits: How to Prevent Termite Problems – Green Pest Solutions
  • Clear Mulch away from your foundation. Leave at least 4 inches between the mulch and your foundation due to the moisture and temperature created by mulch–ideal conditions for termites.

Termite Prevention Tips: Final Suggestion

Schedule a professional home termite inspection once yearly.

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