Premium Pest Control Service: Way Beyond “No Problem” Service

Mid-Winter Pest Control TreatmentsPremium Pest Control Service: Isn’t “No Problem” Service Okay?

The phrase is pretty common, we all hear it many times each week. You thank the server at the coffee shop as he hands you a cup of coffee and he replies, “No problem!” And it feels good to know that you are not a problem in that person’s life, and that he doesn’t have a problem serving you. How much better than those times when you may have felt as if you were irritating someone when you asked for service. There was that time at the restaurant, you ran out of salsa but still had a half basket of chips. You finally managed to get the attention of a waiter and asked for a refill on the salsa. The waiter shot you a glance that made you feel like you’d asked him to sacrifice his first born child, such was the interruption you’d brought at that moment into his life.

How much better it is when you receive service that makes you feel like your requests are “No problem!”? What could be more satisfying than knowing that you and your needs are “no problem”– that it’s easy to serve you?

Premium Pest Control ServicePremium Pest Control Service: The Problem with “No Problem” Service

But if we stop to really think about the meaning of those words, “No Problem!”, used in a customer service situation, there is a small problem. Do you really want to be served because you are not a problem? Feels a bit like being on probation. What if serving you were to become a problem? What if some difficulty were to arise?

The problem with “No Problem” service is that it’s based on a negative. While it may feel warm and fuzzy to know that you’re not a problem, perhaps there’s something even better.

Premium Pest Control Service: Beyond “No Problem” Service

True premium service is “opportunity” service.

At ApolloX Pest Control Service, our customers are far more than “no problem” to us. We serve you because serving you is an opportunity to create value:

  • An opportunity to help you feel safe and secure again in a pest-free home.
  • An opportunity to know that by locating and eliminating the termite colony, and whatever caused that colony to gain entrance into your home in the first place, we’ve added decades to the life of your home.
  • An opportunity to know that by eliminating both the cockroaches and the cause of the cockroach problem, we’ve perhaps shielded you and your children from a source of life-threatening disease.
  • An opportunity to know that by entirely eliminating the bed bug problem, you’ll sleep better tonight and every night.
  • An opportunity to know that by going far beyond what you expected, we’ve proven ApolloX to be the best we can  be.

Premium Pest Control ServicePremium Pest Control Service: It’s Okay Even When There Is “A Problem”

And, by the way, anything that could compromise the safety of your home becomes “a problem” for us.

  • Though we’ve eliminated the carpenter ants, that leak in the gutter that creates future breeding conditions becomes “a problem” to us, until we see it fixed.
  • That smoke alarm with a dead battery we happened to notice while inspecting for pests becomes “a problem” to us because it could be a problem for you.
  • We’ve rid your home of mice, but that quarter-inch crack in the siding nobody else noticed is “a problem” to us because mice and rats could use it to regain entrance into your home. And because that huge pile of branches near your home may be a living and breeding space for rodents who are looking to upgrade their accommodations to your home, it’s “a problem” to us.

Premium Pest Control Service: You Deserve More Than to Be “No Problem”

At ApolloX Pest Control Service, we think you deserve to be treated as a person of innate, unique value. Every home we treat presents an opportunity to bring a new sense of peace, security and happiness into the home, to learn something new, to overcome some unique pest challenge, to discover a new way to improve our service.

So, you probably won’t hear us use the phrase, “No problem!” You deserve far more than “no problem” service. You deserve “premium, valued client” service.

Tired of being just “no problem”?

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