Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Spot, Take Action

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Species

  • Several hundred species (the list is growing due to continuing introduction of foreign wood into the U.S.)
  • Three species are most common in the U.S. (Lyctid, Anobiid, Bostrichid)

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Identification

  • Size: 1/32nd – 1/4th inch
  • Color: Reddish Brown
  • Lifespan: 1-2 yearspowderpost beetle quick facts

Adult Lyctid Powderpost Beetle: Image Credits: Powderpost Beetles – PCS Pest Control Services Gulf Islands

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Habits

  • Found mostly in softwoods (pine, spruce, fir) and hardwoods (oak, maple)
  • Can lie dormant or hidden in wood for 10 years before emerging
  • Emerge from wood in Spring
  • Attracted to lights and windows, but most active at night (like moths).

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Life-cycle

  • Larvae does the damage, boring channels in wood, eventually totally disintegrate the wood.
  • Larvae transforms to pupae for up to a year, then to an adult which exits the wood by boring a small pin hole (see image below).
  • Fine dust or “frass” can be seen at or below the exit hole.
  • Adult finds a mate, then lays eggs in exposed wood pores, cracks or crevices
  • Eggs hatch, cycle continues.

Powderpost Beetle Quick FactsInspect your home for signs of powderpost beetle damage:
Image credits: Powderpost Beetles – PCS Pest Control Services Gulf Islands

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Prevention

  • Like the bed bug, the powderpost beetle hitches a ride into the home, only instead of riding in your suitcase and in clothing, it rides in wooden objects (framing, paneling, flooring, furniture…etc.)
  • Thoroughly inspect all wood that enters your home either as furniture or building material. Look for the tale-tale exit pinholes. Ensure the wood has been properly kiln dried and certified powderpost beetle free.
  • Preventative measures include ventilating all areas of the home (attic, crawl spaces, wall voids…etc.) as powderpost beetles thrive in moist conditions.

Powderpost Beetle Quick Facts – Solution to an existing infestation

  • Replacement of damaged lumber or full tarpaulin fumigation is recommended.
  • Specialized pesticides that penetrate unfinished wood can also be effective.
  • The specialized pesticides are available only to a licensed pest control specialist.

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