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Have you seen any bugs or pests in your house? Pests such as ants, roaches, and termites are not welcome in any house. If you find any of these or other pests in your Stamford home and want to get rid of them, whether they’re biting you, eating your house, or pulling your trash cans open in the middle of the night. What you really need is the help of a professional Stamford CT pest control company. 

Apollox doing the best pest elimination in Stamford CT  since 1987, we can get you out of your present issue. You may live a pest-free life with the help of a Stamford pest control agency. If you need our help, just give us a call, and our best pest exterminator in Stamford will inspect your home and take the required procedures to get rid of the bugs and pests. Everything from pantry pests like mice to squirrels and other outdoor annoyances are dealt with by our Rodent Control in Stamford CT.

Our Stamford Pest Control Service Includes

Our Stamford pest control service solves your pest issue now in the following steps.


The ApolloX pest exterminator in Stamford will inspect your house or company (including hard-to-reach locations) to determine the sort of pest and the amount of the infestation. This will enable him in picking the most expedient and beneficial treatment.


 Through our Stamford pest control service you eliminate every single insect and rodent living on your premises. Depending on the sort of pest and the intensity of the infestation, we may perform same-day emergency treatment.


As a final phase, the ApolloX pest exterminator in Stamford Ct will block all accessible entrance points to prevent subsequent infiltration. He will also offer you with a written report documenting the service done, as well as some useful preventative suggestions.


Stamford pest control service depends significantly on observation monitoring. On request, we will deliver up to two further sessions (1 main visit and 2 follow-ups) within a 3-month period following the first treatment.

Types of Services We Offer

Our type of services includes the following list:

  1. Expert Inspection
  2. Residential Pest Control
  3. Commercial Pest Control
  4. Industrial Pest Control
  5. Hospital Pest Control
  6. Rodent Control

Inspection By An Expert

Pests like rats, insects, and other vermin make a home unclean and uninviting to visitors. It’s critical to get in touch with us for a site evaluation as soon as you suspect anything may be wrong since seeing one problem out in the open often implies that there are many more hidden away. Since these pests spread rapidly, it’s crucial to locate all of them before getting rid of them. If not, they will spread and interfere with your life and house.

The technical staff at Apollox is made up of highly skilled technicians and field biologists who are knowledgeable about the biology of various pests and effective management techniques. Apollox field biologists conduct a professional inspection of your property and provide appropriate pest treatment recommendations. Field biologists could also provide you advance notice of anticipated pest infestations and advice on how to prevent them.

Pest Control In The Home

Friendly, knowledgeable, and certified pest exterminator in Stamford make a comprehensive evaluation of your home with our domestic pest control in Stamford. Termites, mosquitos, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, ants, and other pests like to live and hide in certain regions. Then, to address and eradicate access spots and nests, we’ll build a totally customized treatment strategy.

Pest Control In The Commercial Sector

ApolloX can eradicate pests from your commercial premises in a professional manner using ecologically friendly methods that do not harm the environment, whether you are in the food sector or not.

We provide the best pest control in Stamford CT to guarantee that all forms of pests are eradicated from your house and will never return. Our pest control services in Stanford handle any kind of pest eradication.

Pest Control At The Workplace

Appolox can help your business establish a pest management strategy that meets your needs while also meeting third-party audit or regulatory requirements. We use a small number of low-risk pesticides and apply them in a way that protects humans, animals, and the environment when pesticides are absolutely necessary.

Pest Control In Hospitals

If you own or operate a hospital, unwelcome pests such as rodents and insects may jeopardize your integrity, reputation, and financial success, but our highly educated and experienced personnel are well aware of the expensive harm that local pests can do and how to safeguard your possessions.

Controlling Rodents

Expect to see a lot more mice in your house if you encounter one. Mice reproduce in large numbers and swiftly expand their populations. Mice in need of food, water, or shelter will find your house to be a suitable location. In allergy sufferers, mouse dander causes sneezing and other allergy symptoms, while mice excrement contaminates food and living places. Apollox, the premier rodent control in Stamford CT business, can create a plan specifically for your mice infestation.

We do these things correctly and completely the first time! We guarantee that following our services, your pest problem will be permanently cured in your home.

We Do Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Stamford

Apollox is one of the few companies in the industry that extensively tests new goods before implementing them, guaranteeing that only the most effective items and techniques are employed. In actuality, the majority of our insecticides have acquired Environmental Protection Agency low-risk certification, and although our costs are more than those of other companies, it is well worth it. Our call-back rate is the lowest in this area, and our customers often comment on how fast their pest problems are treated. Our clients often choose us as the third or fourth company, despite the fact that we are usually the last. Apollox can generally deploy a professional within 24 hours as a locally owned and controlled company, and we’re open seven days a week, so you don’t have to wait until Monday. On Saturday, we’ll be there if you have a mouse in your house, and on Sunday, we’ll be there if you discover a wasp nest shortly before your BBQ.

How We Operate

The first stage in our Stamford pest control service is a comprehensive inspection. Before treatment begins, we also talk about cost, provide advice that has been supported by science, and share the findings of our investigation. With our unmarked cars, we provide a discreet service. Our pest-control vans are regularly stocked with everything they need. We are therefore ready to begin therapy as soon as our strategy has been examined and authorized.

What Item Do We Utilize?

The majority of our products have received low-risk ratings from the Connecticut Environmental Industry Council (EIC).

Pets and children are not endangered by our products or practices.Don’t worry; neither our products nor our services endanger the environment or your pets.

All Of Our Bridgeport Exterminators Are Reliable And Professional

All of our specialists are dependable and knowledgeable. Additionally, the members of our crew have taken NPMA (National Pest Management Association) training, which has equipped them with skills in chemical application and problem-solving strategies. The outcomes vary depending on the scenario. Our staff’s expertise is the cornerstone of our success.

Each member of our staff is friendly.

Possess a firm understanding of how to communicate with consumers.

All members of our team and business are authorized.

Our staff members have all undergone extensive background checks and drug testing.

All of our employees get continual instruction and training. For ApolloX to continue offering the high caliber of service that our customers have come to expect, this is essential.

Stamford CT Pest Control Exterminator

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