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During summer months, the environment in Ridgefield is hot and humid, causing problems with ants and rodents which is a common concern for residents. For many years, ApolloX has provided affordable pest control services in Ridgefield region. ApolloX can execute safe and highly effective Ridgefield pest control for your home and office, we also do rodent control and bed bug treatment in Ridgefield. Our skilled exterminators are always ready to help you with whatever kind of pest treatment you need.

Pests Frequently Seen In Ridgefield

The following are some of the most common pests in our region.. Using our pest control services in Ridgefield, we ensure that your house or business is free of the following pests.






Bees that sting

Rodents Spiders


35+ Years Of Top-Quality Service

ApolloX Pest Services has provided experienced Ridgefield pest control treatments to residential and commercial premises for a long time. Our local staff is dedicated to addressing even the most severe infestations, combining our expertise with best-in-class remedies and genuine customer care to do the job correctly the first time, every time. Our qualified professionals are available to keep your home pest-free, from bed bugs and cockroaches to rats and moths.

If an infestation occurs, we will be there for you right away, providing same-day treatment and flexible appointment times to restore your peace of mind as quickly as possible. Our fast response times, effective treatments, and 5-star service have made us Ridgefield’s #1 choice for quality pest control. Don’t just take our word for it. Examine the testimonials of customers who continue to refer ApolloX Pest Services to their friends and family.

Our Ideology

Since our beginning, we have offered the finest pest control in Ridgefield CT with our professional crew member, and we take our responsibility to the neighborhood very seriously. Since 1987, the main ideology of ApolloX and its experienced team has been to make Ridgefield a pest free zone for residents and visitors.

How Our Crew Remove Pests From Your House?

Our Pest Control Service Complete In Following Steps

Property Inspection: Our services begin with a thorough examination and inspection of your home as bedbugs, mosquitoes, and other pests like to hide in certain places. Our courteous, experienced, and certified service professionals do a complete inspection of your house.

Documentation of Inspection: In this step, our crew member will provide you all the outcomes of evaluation and offer a complete variety of pest control treatments and give you a free quote.

Executing the Treatment Plan: After providing you with all the assessment, treatment plan and price. We will start doing the treatment of your problem and take the pest out of your property.

Precautioning: In this phase, our crew will seal all their entry points and destroy their nests to close all doors for them to return. 

What Products Do We Use?

The majority of our products have received low-risk ratings from the Connecticut Environmental Industry Council (EIC).

Pets and children are not endangered by our products or practices.

Don’t worry; neither our products nor our services endanger the environment or your pets.

We Provide The Following Services

The following is a list of the services we provide:

Inspection by a Professional

Pest Control in the Home

Pest Control Services for Businesses

Controlling Rodents

Inspection By A Professional

When vermin like rats, insects, and other pests are present, a home becomes dirty and unwelcoming to visitors. It’s critical to get in touch with us for a site check as soon as you suspect anything could be wrong since finding one problem out in the open nearly often means there are many more buried away. Since they spread swiftly, it’s crucial to locate these pests before treating them. They will grow and create issues in your life and household if you don’t address them.

ApolloX field biologists evaluate your property extensively and provide recommendations for pest management based on what they find. Field biologists can provide you tips on how to prevent pest infestations and let you know in advance if one is likely.

Pest Control In The Home

In the Ridgefield region since 1987, we have offered home pest control services. The ApolloX Pest Control staff enjoys assisting you in maintaining the security of your household and property. There are many different pest control techniques available, and every prospective customer of Ridgefield Pest Control gets an in-home estimate. 

After you contact us, one of our knowledgeable and qualified professionals may visit your house that same day to assess the situation, provide you with a cost estimate, and in certain situations, start the treatment plan.

Commercial Pest Control

You run a business, and bugs are destroying the office equipment and the structure where you operate. The routine operation of your business could be hampered by a pest management issue. And your affiliation is unsettling you. 

ApolloX places a high priority on keeping the resources, staff, and facilities free of pests if you wish to address all of these issues. We provide the best pest control services in Ridgefield to make sure that any pests, whether they are a threat to your home, business, or anything else, have been removed and won’t be returning. We can remove pests from your commercial property using methods that are safe for the environment.

Controlling Rodents

You need to act right away if there are rodents in your home or place of work. Rats and mice pose a health concern to homeowners and their loved ones, as well as to your employees and clients. They could also damage your possessions. If rodent infestations are not controlled, they may harm a business owner’s reputation.

Calling ApolloX is suggested for a variety of reasons, such as health issues, property damage, the impact on your company’s image, and a lack of safety and security in your house.

There’s a considerable probability you’ll discover many more rodents in your house if you find one. Both the population growth and reproductive rates of rodents are high.

There is no better choice than us if rats are invading your home and you want to regain control of it since we are the best in your region. All rats are totally eliminated from your house and are not allowed to return thanks to our rodent control in Ridgefield.

All Of Our Experts Are Trustworthy And Knowledgeable

All of our specialists are dependable and knowledgeable. Additionally, the members of our crew have taken NPMA (National Pest Management Association) training, which has equipped them with skills in chemical application and problem-solving strategies. The outcomes vary depending on the scenario. Our staff’s expertise is the cornerstone of our success.

All of our professionals have a pleasant demeanor.

Have a good understanding of how to deal with their consumers.

All of our professionals are certified.

Our specialists have all undergone a comprehensive background check and drug test.

All of our professionals are regularly trained and educated. This is necessary in order for ApolloX to maintain the excellent quality of service that our customers have come to expect.

Contact Us For An Inspection

Regardless of the time of year, ApolloX Pest Control in Ridgefield is here to take your call anytime you want our knowledgeable and skilled pest control services. For a charge, get in touch with us so you can relax knowing assistance is on the way.

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