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Problems with ants and rodents are common concerns for locals in New Canaan due to the region’s warm and humid summer environment. Apollox served its pest control in New Canaan CT area for many years. We are providing the highest quality services over this time too. Whether it’s rat control, insect preventative measures or any kind of exterminating services in New Canaan, Apollox can perform safe and highly effective pest control. No matter what form of pest treatment you want, Our expert exterminator in New Canaan CT is ready to aid you.

Our Ideology

We have been providing the best New Canaan pest control services for over 35 years and we take our commitment to the community very seriously. That’s why, from the beginning, we’ve been offering exceptional service to property owners, continuously searching for ways to improve our approach.

How We Work

A thorough assessment of the property is the first step in any pest control appointment. Our  Pest Control will send professionals to inspect the outside of your property for moisture damage and holes that might lead to access points. Moving inside the structure, our experts will look for unfinished portions, indications of insects or animals, and droppings that might indicate a nearby infestation.

If your house is at risk of being infested, we will do a comprehensive check of the whole property, looking for insects around landscaping mulch, wood, or shaded locations.

If your property is experiencing rodent problems, our experts may help by providing skilled exclusion services to seal gaps around the outside or interior of your home to keep pests out and limit the possibility of rats or mice breeding. Every New Cannans’ house is unique, and our Pest Control is delighted to cater to all of our customers’ requirements. 

These visits are always tailored to the requirements and desires of the consumer. Our Pest Control can provide you with a free quotation as soon as possible.

We Provide The Following Services

The following is a list of the services we provide:

Inspection by a Professional

Pest Control in the Home

Pest Control Services for Businesses

Pest Control in the Industrial Sector

Pest Control in Hospitals

Controlling Rodents

Inspection Services

Rats, insects, and other vermin are pests that make a house filthy and uninviting to guests. Finding one issue in the open nearly typically indicates the existence of other others that are concealed. As soon as you believe something could be off, contact us for a site assessment since these pests spread quickly. Therefore, it’s important to find them before treating them.

Apollox field biologists conduct a thorough inspection of your property and provide recommendations for pest management measures in light of their findings.Our field biologists could also be able to provide you advance notice of potential pest infestations and suggestions on how to prevent them.

Residential Pest Treatment

We have provided residential pest control services in New Canaan area since 1987. The ApolloX Pest Control team likes to help you keep your family and property safe. Every potential New Canaan Pest Control client receives a free in-home estimate, and a wide range of pest control options are available. The same day, one of our skilled and licensed specialists may come to your home to evaluate, give you a quote, and in certain cases, begin the treatment plan.

Mosquitoes, bedbugs, and other pests like to hide in certain locations. Part of our  New Canaan pest control services include a complete assessment of your home by our amiable, knowledgeable, and qualified service workers. We’ll design a totally tailored treatment plan for them that will concentrate on and get rid of entry points and nests.

Commercial Pest Control

You own a company, and pests are ruining both the office furniture and the building where you work. Having a pest control problem might make it difficult for your company to run normally. And your association is making you uneasy. Not to worry right now. ApolloX places a high premium on keeping your facilities, staff, and resources free of pests.

In order to ensure that any pests, whether they pose a hazard to your food, business, or anything else, have been eliminated and won’t return, we provide the finest pest control services in New Canaan. Using treatments that are safe for the environment, we can get rid of pests from your business property.

Industrial Pest Management

Appolox can help your business establish a pest control strategy that meets your needs while also meeting third-party audit or regulatory standards. We use a small number of low-risk pesticides and apply them in a way that protects humans, animals, and the environment when pesticides are absolutely necessary.

Hospital Pest Control

If you own or operate a hospital, unwelcome pests such as rodents and insects may jeopardize your integrity, reputation, and financial success, but our highly educated and experienced personnel are well aware of the expensive harm that local pests can inflict and how to safeguard your hospital possessions.

Controlling Rodents

If there are rodents in your house or place of business, you should take immediate action. For homeowners and their loved ones, as well as for your workers and customers, rats and mice are a health risk. Additionally, they could harm your belongings. Rodent infestations might negatively affect a company owner’s image if they are not handled.

For a number of reasons, including health problems, property damage, the effect on your company’s reputation, and a lack of safety and security in your home, calling ApolloX is advised.

If you locate one rodent, there’s a good chance you’ll find many more in your home. Rodents have a high rate of population growth and high rates of reproduction.

Since we are the finest in your area, there is no better option than us if rats are invading your house and you want to restore control of it. With the help of our rodent proofing in New Canaan, all rats are completely removed from your home and are never permitted to return.

All Our Experts Are Reliable And Experienced.

Our professionals are all trustworthy and knowledgeable. Our specialists are the key to our success.

All our experts are friendly in nature.

Know how to treat with their customers

Our experts are all certified.

All of our experts have passed a thorough background check and drug test.

Our experts are all trained and educated on a regular basis. This is required to assure that Apollox can continue to deliver the high level of service that our clients have come to expect.

Best Time To Contact Us

Bed bugs and rodents may infiltrate any house, regardless of how carefully it is kept. If you’re noticing more cockroaches, spiders, or other unpleasant visitors than normal, it is the right time to hire our professional pest control service in New Canaan. Homeowners and business men have trusted Apollox’s Pest Management with all of their indoor and outdoor pest control requirements since 1987.

Best New Canaan Pest Control providers, Apollox is no stranger to difficult pest issues. Our professional team has been helping households all throughout New Canaan to get rid of bugs and other pests for over 35 years. 

Plan An Inspection

ApolloX Pest Control in New Canaan is here to take your call whenever you need our experienced and professional pest control services, regardless of the season. 

Get in contact with us for a quote so you can relax knowing help is on the way.

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