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Do you have cockroaches crawling around your house? Are bed bug bites preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep? Pests may be quite hazardous. They are not only dangerous to one’s health, but they also bite, destroy, and damage property. Now is the time to discover a solution to your pest issues. All you need is a trustworthy company to get pests out of your house. Apollox is where you should go. We offer the most effective pest control in Green Farms. We’re here to keep pests away from your Greens Farms home or business. We’ve been keeping pests out of your neighbors’ homes and businesses for over 35 years.

Brian Buckmir, a former vice president of the CPCA, is the owner of Apollox, which is staffed by experts in dealing with the most prevalent pest problems in our area. At Apollox, we are proud to be pest control industry leaders. This is all due to our team and the cutting-edge approaches we use to tackle our clients’ pest-related issues.

We Do Affordable Pest Control In Greens Farms For Home, Business And Industry

Each of our pest exterminator in Greens Farms ct provides pest control services in Greens Farms without the use of advertising materials. We provide an unmatched level of service at unequaled prices in the industry, ensuring that your pest control requirements are addressed in the safest and most cost-effective manner possible. With over 35 years of expertise in the area, you can count on competent service and great results from each of our pest exterminator in Greens Farms ct.

We provide a wide range of pest control services in Green Farms for individual residences, flats, as well as commercial and industrial structures.

We Provide The Following Services:

Following is the list of the services we provide:

  1. Inspection by a Professional
  2. Pest Control in the Home
  3. Pest Control Services for Businesses
  4. Pest Control in the Industrial Sector
  5. Bed Bug Extermination
  6. Mosquito Extermination
  7. Mouse Extermination

Professional Inspection:

Have you found one pest and are now afraid there are many more lurking around? If that’s the case, give us a call to find that out. There is a great chance to find more if you have seen one. We’ll check every nook and cranny of your house for pests.

Our Apollox technical team consists of highly experienced technicians and field biologists that are knowledgeable about the biology of different pests and how to find them. Apollox field biologists do a thorough inspection of your property and provide recommendations for effective pest control. Field biologists may also be able to provide you early warnings about insect outbreaks and how to prevent them.

 Pest Treatment In The House

Since 1987, our pest control services in Greens Farms have taken great pride in safeguarding your family and property. Termites, bed bugs, rodents, and any other pests will all be fully eliminated from your home by our residential pest control services.

The measures we take for our pest control service are as follows

Property Inspection: We start by thoroughly inspecting and examining your house as part of our services as mosquitoes, bedbugs, and other pests like to hide in certain locations. Our considerate, knowledgeable, and certified pest exterminator in Greens Farms carefully inspects your house.

Documentation of Inspection: In this phase, a member of our staff will provide you all the assessment results, a full range of pest management options, and a free price.

The treatment plan’s implementation: After giving you a complete examination, treatment strategy, and cost. We will begin treating your issue and removing the insect from your premises.

Precautioning: In order to prevent them from returning, our team will block all of their access ways and demolish their nests during this phase.

Pest Control In The Commercial Sector

You own a company, and bugs are ruining both the office furniture and the building where you work. Having a pest control problem might make it difficult for your company to run properly.   Not to worry right now. ApolloX will keep your properties, staff, and resources free of pests.

In order to effectively manage your issue without draining your finances, ApolloX offers the most economical  and professional pest control services in Greens Farms. We use ecologically friendly pest control methods to get rid of pests from your business property. Whether they threaten your food, business, or anything else, we deal with pests in a very trained manner. Many Greens Farms companies who used our services were able to eradicate their bug issues.

Pest Control In The Industrial Sector

Mice are a serious challenge in the industrial world. Mice, in particular, may wreak havoc on your expensive things and inflict damage on your industrial environment. Our pest exterminator in Greens Farms CT can assist your organization in developing a pest control plan that fits both your demands and third-party audit or regulatory standards. When absolutely essential, we employ a limited number of low-risk chemicals and administer them in a manner that safeguards individuals and the environment.

Extermination Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in Greens Farms CT may be highly harmful to residents as well as to the visitors since they bite both children and adults while they sleep, leaving behind scars that resemble rashes. Bed bugs may cause not just rashes on your skin, but they can also make you sick. According to study, these bugs carry the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes the devastating Chagas disease that kills 50,000 individuals each year. A bed bug infestation is not something to be taken lightly.

Our bed bug exterminator in Greens Farms strives to create bed bug-free zones. This is accomplished by always seeking the best pest remedy for our consumers. We currently specialize in biological treatment, heat, steam, and innovative technologies.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes grow fast and in enormous numbers, making them difficult to eradicate without expert assistance. Ticks are difficult to eradicate since many treatments only kill adult ticks, leaving the next generation of ticks to infest your property. Our pest exterminator in Greens Farms ct employs a safe, effective composition that is gentler than DEET yet still efficient against mosquitos. Our Green Farm mosquito eradication service is for homeowners and business men who wish to take a complete approach to halting the reproduction cycle so they can plan that outside party without worrying about uninvited guests and visitors. 

Mouse Extermination

No one likes rats causing chaos in their home, which is why our Green pest examinator always stays alert and specializes in long-term mouse control. Whether you have rats in your garage or mice in your kitchen, our experts can toss them out of your house and make sure they never come back again by blocking all their entry ways.

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