Pantry Moth Extermination & Prevention: Step by Step Guide

Pantry Moth ExterminationPantry Moth Extermination and Prevention Is Essential In the 21st Century

In spite of all our modern advances, it’s still a myth that food from the grocery store is insect-free. Actually, even the what appears to be a perfect hermetically sealed container can harbor hundreds of insect eggs!

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Pantry moths are among the main culprits, especially when it comes to dry goods like flours and cereals.

Pantry Moth ExterminationYour Pantry Moth Extermination Strategy

Here is a complete strategy to discover, remove and prevent all pantry moths from making their home in your pantry and becoming a part of your next meal – YUK!

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Pantry Moth Extermination Begins with a Thorough Inspection

Inspect everything in your pantry:

  • Flours
  • Grains
  • Dried Fruit
  • Candy
  • Pet Food

Watch for adult moths, larvae and eggs which may look like webbing or clumps of grains.

If you find signs of pantry moths in any food container, it is wise to discard all open food containers immediately. Take them outside the house, bag and seal them in plastic within your outdoor trash container so that they don’t manage to get back into your home.

Pantry Moth ExterminationPantry Moth Extermination Without Chemicals

Wash and wipe down everything that holds food:

Thoroughly scrub your pantry and all food storage containers with hot soapy water & scrub brush.

Wash everything:

  • Shelves
  • Food containers
  • Bottles (wipe under jar and can lids for eggs)

Pantry Moth ExterminationPantry Moth Extermination 1st Line of Defense = Prevention

Deter future moths (along with ants, cockroaches and mice):

Wipe down everything with white vinegar (add a few drops of essential oil like peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus or tea tree).

Starve out any survivors:

Wait a week before restocking your pantry.

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Prevent new entries into your home:

  • Freeze all dry goods for one week before storing. This will kill any insect eggs.
  • Store everything in air tight containers. Remove flour and cereal from boxes and bags which provide an easy entrance and habitat for insects.
  • Place bay leaves on your shelves, or in a shallow container. Place them in flour containers. Bay leaves deter moths and insects, yet do not affect the taste of your food.

If Pantry Moth Extermination Seems Like a Lot of Work…

It is!

Call ApolloX Pest Control: We’ll exterminate pantry moths for you–and help you prevent them from returning.

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