Natural Termite Repellents

Natural Termite RepellentsNatural Termite Repellents: Why they work.

Over time, plants have developed natural defenses against being eaten by insects. These can include tough leaves, spines and hairs and finally, chemical warfare. The natural defensive chemicals plants produce are relatively inexpensive as opposed to insecticides, each of which can cost upwards of $100 million to develop. And they tend to be safer to the natural environment and the environment of your home.

The drawback is that natural termite repellents may not last as long, can be more difficult to apply and may be more limited in their results.

However, natural termite repellents may be effective in your situation. Here are a few:  

Natural termite Repellents: Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Mexican Poppy

Aloe Vera: A solution of aloe and water repels termites, when sprayed in their area of activity.

Castor Oil: Mix castor oil seeds, leaves and roots with water and soak it for 24 hours. Then strain the solution and spray on the affected area to repel the termites.

Mexican Poppy: Spraying a mixture of Mexican poppy oil and water around the infested area keeps away termites. Credits: Natural Insect Repellents – HealthStatus

Termites In Your Firewood PileNatural Termite Repellents: Natural Oils

Plants that excrete essential oils like eugenol and citronellal have been identified by many termite-control specialists as significant organic termite repellents. Experts call such plants are Terpenoids. These oils are detested by most termite species. The oils extracted by Terpenoid Plants like the redwood tree and bald cypress can be used to treat the wood materials used in the construction of your house.

It is also very interesting to note that the discovery of such an organic repellent is incidental; scientists were studying why termites do not attack redwood and cypress. What they found out resulted to the usage of essential oils in repelling termites. 

Apart from redwood and cypress, it was also found out that the oil that can be extracted from Kuss-kuss grass (a wild and common grass in Australia) also repels termites and other pests as well (ants and cockroaches). Moreover, the oil extracted from Kuss-kuss grass in very fragrant and it can be used to treat the wood materials of the house while giving off a very pleasant smell that can be aroma theraputic as well. Credits: Termite Extermination FOR BEGINNERS: Organic Termite Repellents

Natural Termite Repellents: Boric Acid

Boric acid can be commercially bought nowadays but in essence, this mineral can be extracted from most fruits and plants. Boric acid is also very abundant in seawater. The mineral became popular for commercial use because of its many uses, especially in preventing and curing skin problems like acne. Many commercial lotions and creams are boric acid-based. The same mineral is also used as a powerful antiseptic.

Termites Pest ControlIt is not very surprising that boric acid can be used in termite eradication too. Since termites do not think and just eat everything that is in their way, a simple application of boric acid in their nest and in the wood materials of the house will be enough to kill termites. When ingested, boric acid acts like a form of poison that kills the microorganisms inside the intestines of the termites (these microorganisms are the ones that disintegrate cellulose which termites cannot do on their own). Naturally, termites will die shortly after the microorganisms die out of boric acid poisoning. Credits: Termite Extermination FOR BEGINNERS: Organic Termite Repellents

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