Locate Termite Colony – Track termite activity back to their home.

Locate Termite Colony – Evidence a colony is near.

locate termite colonyFlying termites (the reproductive form of termites) in or around your home is one of the signs a termite colony is near. Flying termites originate in a nearby existing colony and are looking to breed and start a new termite colony. For example, there’s a termite colony in an old dead tree stump on or near your property. The flying termites originate there, and then enter your home looking to establish a new colony in your home. 

Locate Termite Colony – Make sure it’s termites and not carpenter ants.

First, make sure it’s not a flying ant (similar looking). Flying ants have 3 segments to their bodies while flying termites have only two segments.

Locate Termite Colony – Where the flying termites might appear in your home.

The first visible sign people often see is termite wings on a window sill or along a baseboard. What’s happening here? Flying termites drop their wings after mating.

Locate Termite Colony – Where flying termites go to lay their eggs.

Termites Pest ControlWhere do flying termites go after mating? They’re looking for a place to lay their eggs and start a new colony. Here’s were some detective work comes into play. If we’re talking about subterranean termites (the species most common the the Northeastern U.S.) the flying termites will drop their wings and then burrow into the mud to lay their eggs. Look for the tale tale mud tubes they create as they burrow into the ground, or move from the ground up into the wooden structure of your home.

Locate Termite Colony – Follow the mud tubes.

What are the most likely locations to discover the mud tubes? Look in a dark moist location (the crawl space under your home is a likely candidate). If there is a water leak dripping underneath your home, so much the better for the termites! Look in cracks in your home’s foundation. Look underneath your home’s siding. Check your basement.

Once you’ve located their mud tubes, you’re close to the termite colony.

Locate Termite Colony – What if you can’t find any mud tubes?

If you’re unable to locate any mud tubes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no termite colony in or near your home. It’s best to schedule a professional termite inspection:

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Locate Termite Colony – Once you discover the mud tubes, what’s next?

The best methods to exterminate a termite colony are liquid termiticide sprays and baiting systems. Spray the termiticide around the foundation of your home. If you discover holes or cracks in the walls, spray there too. Spray where the mud tubes are located. Place termite bait in the soil around the foundation of your home spacing the bait in intervals of about one foot.

Locate Termite Colony – 4 primary dangers to avoid.

The first of 4 dangers is that the toxic termiticide and bait might come in contact with yourself, your children or your pets. 

The second danger is that you may think you’ve located and eliminated the termite colony, when in reality, you have not. What if there is more than one colony? What if there is a colony on or near your property waiting until next year to send it’s winged ambassadors back into your home?

locate termite colonyThe third danger is that, while you may have eliminated the termite colony, there is damage to your home that is in critical need of repair. For example, an important foundation support may have been compromised.

The fourth danger is that conditions remain in your home favorable to the establishment of another termite colony. There may be a hidden water leak that dampens your home’s foundation or the ground beneath your home.

Locate Termite Colony – Better safe than sorry.

Only a licensed professional termite exterminator can give you the peace of mind that all the termites have been safely located and exterminated, that there are no conditions in your home that favor termites and what damage needs to be repaired.

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Consider what needs to happen to restore a home to health after a fire? Termites are like a silent fire, and even after they’ve been “put out”, your home will need attention. Though termite damage may not be as evident as fire damage, it can be as critical

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