Inspect Replace Insulation: Top 3 Reasons

Inspect Replace Insulation: Novel Idea

Inspect and Replace your InsulationMost people see insulation as one of those items like sheetrock, framing and siding, that you install in your home and then forget.

Inspect Replace Insulation: Just Like Your Appliances

Perhaps we’d do better to think of insulation like we think of paint, or appliances. We’re used to repainting our home at regular intervals. Just like the paint on your wall and the appliances in your kitchen, insulation experiences wear and tear that can severely curtail its effectiveness. Credits: Should I Replace My Insulation before winter? | Home Heating & Air 

Why Inspect Replace Insulation? Reason #1 – Lower Your Heating Bills

The entire purpose of insulation is to isolate your home from outside temperature changes as much as possible. Good insulation will keep your home warm in winter because it will prevent heat from escaping through the walls and ceiling of the house. Poor or worn out insulation will allow more heat to escape. This will not only make your house colder, it will cause an increase in your heating bill as your heating system struggles to replace the heat that is being lost. The worse off your insulation is, the more energy your heating system will have to consume to keep the house at the proper temperature.

Why Inspect Replace Insulation? Reason #2 – Helps Ensure Even Heating Across Your Home

Inspect and Replace your InsulationInsulation doesn’t usually experience wear and tear at the same rate across the whole house. If one room wears down faster, it can lead to some very uncomfortable heating variance between rooms. As mentioned above, your heating system will have to work harder to reach the same temperature in areas where the insulation needs replacing. Since central heat affects the entire house, this can lead to one room being freezing while another is stiflingly hot.

Why Inspect Replace Insulation? Reason #3 – Stuff Happens When You’re Not Watching!

Inspect and Replace your InsulationInsulation, as has been mentioned, is designed to retain warmth. That makes it an ideal substance for a great many animals and insects, whom prefer the warm environment of your attic to the harsh elements outside. Over time, you can almost have an entire mini-ecosystem living in the walls and ceiling of your house, which of course will cause damage to the insulation.

Credits: Should I Replace My Insulation before winter? | Home Heating & Air …

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