Indoor Home Improvement Projects For Cold Winter Days

Indoor Home Improvement Projects: The time is right!

As we create this blog post, it’s early December, 35 degrees and pouring rain in Greenwich Connecticut. Definitely not a good time to be tackling outdoor home improvement tasks.
Indoor Home Improvement Projects for WinterYou could wait for better weather, or create a list of fun indoor home improvement tasks.

Indoor Home Improvement Projects: Consider these for idea starters: 

  • Interior painting – Few indoor home improvement projects are more fun than making the spaces you love truly your own. The sky’s the limit! You can start small by tackling an accent wall, or maybe painting a decorative piece of furniture. If you’re worried about fumes, ask your paint supplier or professional interior painter about using low-VOC paint. This is an environmentally friendly, low-odor option.

Credits: 5 Fun Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle this Winter « Williams

Indoor Home Improvement Projects for Winter

  • Refinish your doors – Here’s a great indoor home improvement project. Are your doors scarred by dings, marks, and smudges? Interior doors count as high-traffic areas in your home, being pushed, banged, and maybe even occasionally slammed open and shut. Either painting or staining them will make an incredible difference!
  • Install a backsplash – This indoor home improvement project is a budget-friendly way to make a huge stylistic change in your kitchen. And, with the hundreds of options out there, you can create just the look you have in mind. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at other kitchen backsplash designs, and then get to work on your own.
  • Organization – Do you have a closet that you are just a little afraid to even touch? This indoor home improvement project is easy and inexpensive. Invest in some plastic storage containers, brew a fresh cup of coffee (or maybe a full pot), and start working during your next free afternoon. You’ll feel great, and who knows? You might discover that you have more space than you think you do!
  • Play with lighting – Have a dark room, or maybe you’d like a way to fight the seasonally shorter days? For this indoor home improvement project, why not add a few lights? Track lighting is a great way to strategically illuminate a space; aiming the light exactly where you need it most.

Indoor Home Improvement Projects: Free yourself to enjoy the outdoors when warm weather hits.

It can be enjoyable to tackle indoor home improvement projects during the cold wet Winter months, and in addition, when Spring arrives you’re free to give your total focus on outdoor activities!

By the way, if you happen to discover a pest issue while you’re engaged in your indoor home improvement projects (i.e. rats or mice in the attic, termite damage in the basement…etc.)…

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