Identifying Ground Bees and Taking Action

Identifying Ground BeesIdentifying Ground Bees – It’s the time of year when they’re around.

How do you know if your have a ground bee problem? The first sign is probably noticing a collection of small dirt mounds on your lawn. A closer look will reveal that there is a small hole next to the dirt mound, and just one bee is leaving, entering or buzzing around the hole. The bee will range from 1/2 to 3/4 inch. You’re most likely to discover ground bees in your lawn during March through July. 

Identifying Ground Bees – Are they dangerous?

The good news is that ground bees are not generally aggressive. Leave them alone, and they will likely leave you alone. They can sting, so if you or anyone in your family is allergic to bee stings, or you expect to entertain guests who might be allergic to bee stings, ground bees could be a problem.

Identifying Ground Bees – Could they damage your lawn?

Another piece of good news is that, even though you might hate the look of all those dirt mounds on your lawn, ground bees will not damage the lawn, and are likely to only be around about 6 weeks.

Identifying Ground Bees – Make sure it’s not another kind of bee!

So, what are the potential issues with ground bees? First of all, you want to be absolutely sure you’re dealing with ground bees. If you see many bees entering and exiting from one hole in the ground, you’re not dealing with ground bees. It could be a nest of aggressive wasps. Totally different scenario! Run! And…

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We’re professional and experienced in treating all kinds of bees you might find in your lawn. Lawns are meant to be welcoming, safe places for kids to play and for people to lie down, look up at the sky and feel close to nature on a warm inviting spring or summer day. Bees living in the lawn can tend to ruin that peaceful scenario. 

Another issue: Even if there’s just one solitary bee per hole in the lawn, it might not be a ground bee. It could be a solitary wasp. These can be aggressive. 

Identifying Ground Bees – Indicator of Lawn Problems

One of the most important issues with ground bees in your lawn is that it’s an indication your lawn is not healthy. Ground bees prefer dry conditions, and thinning, weak lawns. Water your lawn at least weekly. Fertilize it. Build up the turf to a lush green, and the ground bees will no longer feel welcome. If the ground bees are in an area where grass will not grow, mulch the area.

Identifying Ground Bees – Conclusion

So, while ground bees are not necessarily a problem, they can make the thought of your kids playing on the lawn, or a barefoot walk across the lawn, or even the act of mowing the lawn become less than a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

If there are bees living in your lawn, hovering about, making you nervous…

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