Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Quick Checklist

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Understanding the problem.

gutter-ice-dam-preventionIce dams form when your home’s gutters get clogged, trapping water, which in turn freezes when cold front hovers over the area like we all expect this Northeastern Winter. Ice dams force water behind the siding into the home causing rotting wood and other invasive damage. They also tug away at your gutters, pulling them away from the home and worsening damage. In addition to the damage to the structure of your home, the water also creates a great breeding ground for pests. Credits: Ice Dams and Gutter Maintenance – Punch List

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Have a maintenance strategy.

One good way to avoid ice dams and the damage they cause is good, solid gutter maintenance and care. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. But they should always be watched for leaks and wear and tare.

If your gutters are above the first level roof of your home, you should probably call a professional. There is considerable danger when climbing a very tall ladder and working your way around a gunky, stubborn gutter clog. So if there’s any doubt about the safety of the height of your home’s gutters, call a pro.

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Equipment Checklist

  • Sturdy ladder with a stabilizer so that you avoid denting your gutters.
  • Gloves
  • Garden trowel
  • Mask and goggles (if your gutters are particularly filthy

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Inspection Checklist

  • Check the gutter’s spikes, which fasten through the fascia behind the gutters. Replace any spikes that have worked their way loose.
  • Check entire gutter system for rust. Treat or replace any rust-damaged gutters.

  • Check the entire gutter system for leaks and holes. Once cleaned, you’ll want to fill those holes and reapply sealant where necessary.

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Cleaning Checklist

gutter-ice-dam-preventionEnsure your ladder is sturdy and has proper footing at all times.

  • Scoop any mud, leaves and other gunk out of the gutter
  • Rinse thoroughly aiming toward the downspout with a garden hose sprayer. Be sure to avoid spraying near the shingles of your roof so as to avoid upending them with the water pressure.
  • Clean the downspout by washing thoroughly with a water hose. If there is a clog deep down where you can’t reach, try using a simple auger to loosen it up.

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Post Cleaning Checklist

  • Once cleaned thoroughly and dry, you can replace loose caulk behind the gutter and seal up any leaks you noted while cleaning.
  • Rust should be sanded and then primed and painted over with rust-resistant paint.

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Frequency

  • Check your gutters periodically for leaks and clogs, especially after rain storms.
  • Do a thorough deep cleaning twice a year, at least: In the spring is a great time and just before the winter hits to avoid those ice dams.

Credits: Ice Dams and Gutter Maintenance – Punch List

Gutter Ice Dam Prevention: Take Action

Know that if you have a gutter ice dam this Winter, chances are your gutters and possibly siding have become a perfect breeding ground for pests this Spring.

ApolloX Pest Control regularly inspects gutters and siding for moisture and rot in our mission to create a pest-free environment for your home.

We’ll climb the ladder if you need to know the condition of your gutter system, and we’ll see that your gutters never create an ice-friendly/pest-friendly environment.

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