Fall Yellow Jackets, Extremely Aggressive

Have you noticed that yellow jackets are especially aggressive and cranky in the fall? They seem to be everywhere, and ready to attack if you get too close, make loud noises, or just look at them wrong! Ever wondered why?

Fall Yellow JacketsFall Yellow Jackets are Defending Their Queen

Michigan State University Entomologist Howard Russell says this is the time of year where they’re out in full force — and they’re especially irritable and aggressive because they’re raising next year’s queen.
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Russell says if you have an allergy to yellow jackets, be very careful.

“If you are allergic to honey bee venom there’s a good chance you are going to have a bad reaction wasp venom or yellow jackets venom too. People like that should – especially this time of year — should have their epi-pens nearby and ready to go,” said Russell.

“Our yellow jackets are annual in that they build this nest that lasts one year and the following year the colony starts to decline – this is also the time of year when they are raising next year’s queen so they tend to be really irritable, non-tolerant, and aggressive toward anybody that ventures too close to their nest.”

Russell says the Fall yellow jackets will be especially aggressive if you’re near their nest, or if you have certain types of food such as sweets and meat.

Credits: Yellow Jackets Get Cranky Defending The Queen « CBS Detroit

While all wasps are mean and vicious, Fall yellow jackets nest together by the thousands, unlike the paper wasps that nest on the bottom of your grill or inside your door frame, where a dozen or more is considered a big nest.

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Fall Yellow JacketsFall Yellow Jackets: Keeping Your Home Safe

If Fall yellow jackets are the issue, how can you keep your home safe?

Experts say if you find a nest in the ground, you might be able to deal with the issue yourself.

“A little insecticide spray dust dumped down the hole will generally take care of that,” says Russell.

If these insects are nesting in the siding of your home or in a tree, it might be time to call a professional. Plus, killing a few won’t make much of a difference, destroying the nest will work, but that in turn puts you in danger of being stung.

Plus, unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting you multiple times.

“Yellow jacket stingers aren’t barbed like a honey bee’s stinger so they can sting you repeatedly,” says Russell.

Credits: Attack of the Yellow Jackets: Dealing with Wasps in Mid-Michigan

“That’s probably the worst thing you can do,” says Russell.

If a colony has been disturbed, cover your face with your hands and slowly retreat from the area towards a building, car, or dense vegetation. Do not run as the swift motion may attract more yellow jackets. Credits: It’s Time to Control Yellow Jackets | IANR Latest News | University of

Fall yellow jackets typically appear from mid-August to the first couple frosts. Experts say make sure the lids on trash bins are sealed tightly and look for trash in your yard. But, it is hard to prevent wasps from nesting. Credits: Attack of the Yellow Jackets: Dealing with Wasps in Mid-Michigan

The best way to stay safe while eliminating a dangerous nest of aggressive Fall yellow jackets is to have it done by a licensed professional. If you discover a yellow jacket nest on your property, call the professionals at ApolloX Pest Control.

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