Fall Pest Control – Where to Start, What to Do

Fall Pest Control: What’s Happening Now?

Fall Pest ControlPests in their natural habitat look for shelter as the days become shorter and the weather colder. They’ll look for warm, dry cracks in rocks, wedge themselves under tree bark and find shelter under wood piles.

Fall Pest Control: Your Home Looks Inviting

Your home actually looks like the places pests seek in nature: Warm and dry. That crack in your foundation or under your siding is a welcome mat for pests seeking winter shelter.

Fall Pest Control: When Winter Looks Like Spring

In the Spring the days become longer and there’s more light and warmth, inviting pests to emerge from their Winter shelter. Guess what? As pests burrow into cracks and small openings in your house, and burrow deeper as the Winter becomes colder, they gradually make their way into your home where it is light and warm, just like Spring. This sends them a signal that it’s time to emerge. Only, they’re mistakenly emerging into your home totally happy that it seems like Spring in there. You think they’re invading. They just think it’s time to wake up!

Fall Pest Control: What Pests Are We Talking About?

Fall Pest Control - Yellow JacketsYour home’s pest guest list might read like this:

  • Beetles
  • Ants
  • Wasps Queens
  • Clover mites
  • Stink Bugs
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Others 

Fall Pest Control: How to Prevent a Pest Haven In Your Home

There are essentially 3 primary lines of pest prevention.

  1. Eliminate pests in the vicinity of your home.
  2. Seal up the cracks. 
  3. Provide a chemical barrier.

Start by conducting an inspection of the area around your home. Are there wasp nests? Are pests congregating under wood piles, rocks, brush piles? There are many places that pests tend to live around your home, and a professional pest inspector knows places to look you might not have imagined.

Fall Pest Control – Call The Professionals

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Fall Pest Control - MiceInspect your home for openings that could invite pests. Is there rotting wood around your home’s foundation or siding? Are there cracks in the foundation? Is there a space under your door, around your windows. Note that mice and rats can wedge themselves through spaces as small as 1/4 inch! Imagine what an ant or cockroach could do! Again, a professional pest inspector will recognize openings the untrained eye could easily miss.

Fall Pest Control – Call The Professionals

ApolloX Pest Control: (888) 499-7378

Finally, provide a chemical barrier that keeps pests out. Here’s where it’s even more important to have the services of a professional pest control service, in order to apply a barrier that repels pests, but is not harmful to your family.

Fall Pest Control – Call The Professionals

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Don’t experience the emergence of happy pests in your home who think it’s Spring this Winter. Live in a pest-free home.

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