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Have you seen any bugs or other pests in your home? Ants, cockroaches, and termites are all pests that no one wants in their home. If you notice these or any other pests in your Darien home and want to get rid of them, whether they’re biting you, eating away at your home, or dragging your garbage cans open in the middle of the night.  What you really need is the assistance of a reputable Darien pest control company. With the help of our top-notch services, we can rescue you from your present predicament. You may live a life free of pests with the assistance of our knowledgeable team members. If you require our assistance, simply give us a call and our skilled exterminator in Darien Ct will assess your house and take the necessary steps to provide you with bug relief.. Our Darien Ct rodent removal deals with everything from pantry pests like mice to foxes and other outside annoyances.

Our Darien Pest Control Service Includes

Our darien pest control service stops your pest problem today in the following steps..


In order to determine the kind of pest and the scope of the infestation, our exterminator in Darien Ct will inspect your residence or place of business, including any difficult-to-reach locations. This will aid him in selecting the most expedient and successful therapy.


Through our Darien pest control service you can exterminate every single bug and rodent existing on your premises. Depending on the kind of pest and the severity of the infestation, we can provide same-day emergency treatment.


Our pest control service in Darien largely depends on observation and tracking. On request, we will provide up to two more sessions (1 main visit and 2 follow-ups) during a 3-month period after the original treatment.


The ApolloX exterminator in Darien CT will finally block all potential access sites to stop further intrusion. He will also provide you with a written report detailing the service provided, as well as some helpful preventive advice.

Types of Services We Offer

Our type of services includes the following list:

  1. Expert Inspection
  2. Residential Pest Control
  3. Commercial Pest Control
  4. Industrial Pest Control
  5. Hospital Pest Control
  6. Rodent Control

Expert Inspection

ApolloX technical team consists of trained technicians and field biologists who are well versed in the nature of various pests and their control methods. ApolloX field biologists perform expert level inspection of your premise and suggest appropriate pest treatments. Field biologists also provide you proactive insights on possible pest infestations and control measures to prevent them.

Residential Pest Control

With our domestic pest control in Darien, a full assessment of your house is performed by friendly, skilled, and licensed service specialists. We’ll locate the areas where termites, mosquitos, bed bugs, spiders, rats, ants, and other pests prefer to reside and hide. Then we’ll create a completely personalized treatment plan to address and remove access sites and nests.

Commercial Pest Control

Just like our residential services we also eliminate pests from your commercial properties using environmentally safe products that do not affect the environment, whether it is your food industry or anything else.

We provide the finest Darien pest control service to ensure that all types of pests are removed from your business building, and they will never come back. Our Darien pest control service offers all types of pest eradication.

Industrial Pest Control

ApolloX can assist your industry in developing a pest control plan that satisfies your needs while also complying with third-party audit or regulatory requirements. When pesticides are absolutely essential, we employ a limited number of low-risk pesticides and apply them in a manner that protects people, animals, and the environment.

Hospital Pest Control

Visitors may be turned off by the presence of bugs, and unwanted pests like rodents and insects may endanger your integrity, reputation, and financial success if you own or manage a hospital, but our highly trained and experienced professionals are well aware of the costly damage that local pests can cause and how to preserve your valuables.

Rodent Control

If you see one mouse in your home, expect to see a lot more. Mice breed in great numbers and spread their populations quickly. Mice looking for food, water, or shelter will find your home to be an ideal site. While mouse feces pollute food and living environments, their dander causes sneezing and other allergy symptoms in allergy sufferers. ApolloX, the leading Darien Ct rodent removal company will devise a strategy tailored to your mice infestation.

We do these jobs completely and precisely the first time! After we complete our services, we guarantee that the insect problem in your home will be permanently addressed.

We Do Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Darien CT

 ApolloX is one of the few firms in the market that thoroughly evaluates new products before using them, ensuring that only the most effective products and procedures are used. In reality, the bulk of our insecticides have received low-risk certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, and although our prices are more than those of other firms, it is well worth it. We have the lowest call-back rate in the Darien region, and our clients routinely remark about how quickly their pest issues are resolved. Our consumers often utilize us as the third or fourth firm, although we are generally the last. As a locally owned and operated business, ApolloX can usually dispatch a specialist within 24 hours, and we’re operating seven days a week, so you don’t have to wait until Monday. We’ll be there if you have a mouse in your home on Saturday, or if you find a wasp nest just before your BBQ on Sunday.

The Way We Work

A thorough examination is the first step in our Darien pest control service. Before therapy starts, we also discuss price, provide suggestions that have been scientifically verified, and share the results of our examination. We provide a discreet service with our unmarked vehicles.  Our exterminating vehicles are always fully supplied. As a result, we are prepared to start treatment as soon as our plan has been inspected and approved.

What Product Do We Use?

The EIC (Environmental Industry Council of CT) has rated the majority of our goods as low-risk.

Our goods and procedures do not endanger pets or children.Don’t worry, neither our services nor our goods harm vegetation or your pets.

Our Examinator In Bridgeport Are All Reliable And Competent

Our experts are all reliable and competent. Additionally, our staff members have received NPMA (National Pest Management Association) training, so they are knowledgeable in problem-solving techniques and chemical application. Each situation’s results are unique. The knowledge of our personnel is the foundation of our success.

  • Our staff members all have a kind disposition.
  • Possess a solid grasp of how to interact with customers.
  • Our company and staff members are all licensed.
  • All of our professionals have passed thorough background checks and drug tests.
  • All of our staff members get ongoing training and education. This is vital for ApolloX to continue providing the superior level of service that our clients have come to expect.

Darien CT Pest Control Exterminator

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