Cockroach Value: Medicine & Conservation

Cockroach ValueNew Thought: Cockroach Value?

Here’s a different perspective on the hated cockroach. Some people are actually beginning to see the value of cockroaches. There’s a new trend in China: Cockroach farming. Yes, they’re actually breeding cockroaches. Why?

Cockroach ValueCockroach Value Economically

Cockroaches have an economic value and entrepreneurs across China are cashing in on the increasing value of cockroaches. Pharmaceutical corporations are gobbling up dried cockroach supplies to make inexpensive drugs for China’s aging population. Cosmetic companies have found that cockroaches are an affordable source of protein and cellulose-like substances used in hair and skin care products.

Chinese farmers can earn a $20 profit with only $3 worth of insect eggs. For farming, the Chinese prefer the hardy winged American cockroach instead of the common wingless German cockroach. Fried roaches are also a delicacy.  Credits: Cockroaches: Pest or Payout? | Alpha Ecological Pest Control

Cockroach ValueWhat’s The Source of Cockroach Value?

Recently, researchers in Britain identified a number of molecules in cockroach brains that resist bacteria. Scientists believe that the molecules that allow cockroaches to survive in heavily contaminated locations could help people ward off disease-resistant bacteria. In the 1960s, one of China’s leading cockroach researchers found that remote ethnic groups were using ground cockroaches to treat skeletal tuberculosis. Credits: Cockroaches: Pest or Payout? | Alpha Ecological Pest Control

“Some of these insects live in the filthiest places ever known to man,” says Naveed Khan, co-author of the new study. “These insects crawl on dead tissue, in sewage, in drainage areas. We thought, ‘How do they cope with all the bacteria and parasites?’”

Extracts of ground-up brain and other nerve tissue from the American cockroach,Periplaneta americana, and desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, killed more than 90 percent of a type of E. coli that causes meningitis, and also killed methicillin-resistant staph [MRSA]…
Credits: Cockroach Brains Have Medicinal Value | Health Policy Blog

Cockroach Value in Conservation

In general, cockroaches are important ecologically as part of food chains, being consumed by various predators (such as batsbirds, and spiders) as well as by parasites. Even the feces of cockroaches are consumed by some animals. And cockroaches do provide some direct value to human beings in terms of being used in scientific research and adding to the wonder of nature. Credits: Cockroach – New World Encyclopedia

Cockroach ValueCockroach Value Stops at Your Doorstep

Your home is not a very good place to breed cockroaches because their presence can spread disease.

If you’re not a Chinese cockroach farmer or a conservationist believing in the value of cockroaches, you’re probably looking for the best way to prevent an infestation. Here it is: Take action to get rid of cockroaches as soon as you spot the first one. Credits: Cockroach – New World Encyclopedia

It’s always a good idea to consult professionals. ApolloX Pest Control will quickly identify the source of the problem and kill cockroaches with commercial-grade treatments not available directly to homeowners.

Unless you’re raising cockroaches in your home for economic, medical or conservation purposes, you probably want them exterminated.

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