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6 Natural Mice Repellents


Natural Mice Repellants May Be Safer, Cleaner and More Humane Chemical products can create a messy cleanup and they can take days to kill mice. They can also harm your kids and pets.  Credits: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Natural Mice Repellent … Natural Mice Repellents: Mixed Reviews The use of a natural mouse […]

House Mouse Control Problems? How to Win!

House Mouse Control

What a beautiful Northeastern Fall we’re experiencing this year as we rapidly approach the peak of Fall colors. But there’s a downside. As temperatures drop mice begin looking for Winter food and shelter…possibly in your home! Each year at this time hundreds of homeowners in Southern Connecticut call for help with house mouse control. Credits: […]

Pantry Moth Extermination & Prevention: Step by Step Guide

Pantry Moth Extermination

Pantry Moth Extermination and Prevention Is Essential In the 21st Century In spite of all our modern advances, it’s still a myth that food from the grocery store is insect-free. Actually, even the what appears to be a perfect hermetically sealed container can harbor hundreds of insect eggs! Credits: Pantry Moths in the Howling Storm […]

Cockroach Value: Medicine & Conservation

Cockroach Facts Beyond Belief

New Thought: Cockroach Value? Here’s a different perspective on the hated cockroach. Some people are actually beginning to see the value of cockroaches. There’s a new trend in China: Cockroach farming. Yes, they’re actually breeding cockroaches. Why? Cockroach Value Economically Cockroaches have an economic value and entrepreneurs across China are cashing in on the increasing value […]

Rat Prevention Tips and Techniques

Rat Prevention

Rat Prevention Tips: Especially Valuable for Homes Near Water Do you live near a water source, for example, a lake, pond, river or creek? These areas can be especially favorable for rats, making your home a prime target. Rat Prevention by Making Your Home “Rat Unfriendly” Attack the problem with a three-fold strategy: Create rat […]

Rat Infestation Signs, Solutions

Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation: You May Not Know It Exists Rats are the root cause for destruction and contamination in the home and business; able to increase their colonies with 20 pups through their lifetime. Credits: Articles Life » Tips For Atlanta Rat Control How is it possible to have a rat infestation in your home and not even […]