Carpenter Ants Emerging: Spring Is Here!

Natural Carpenter Ant RepellentsCarpenter Ants Emerging Now

 Credits: Carpenter ant season is now | Insects in the City

We came across this story and thought it would be timely to share with you since it’s April and carpenter ants emerging, become noticeable to home owners and business owners about now. Actually, carpenter ants began to emerge in March, as Winter drew to a close. If you have a carpenter ant problem, you may begin noticing signs at any time.

The good news is that they do not tend to damage the structure of buildings (unlike termites). However, who wants a swarm of winged carpenter ants emerging in the dining room while entertaining guests, or worse, in a restaurant full of customers, or in one of your patron’s hotel rooms!

That’s right: A swarm. Hundreds of winged carpenter ants flying around, mating, reproducing, on public display. A scene not soon to be forgotten!

Carpenter Ants EmergingCarpenter Ants Emerging In Homes

“This week my youngest daughter, home for the weekend for a visit, informed her entomologist dad that the upstairs shower was covered with large ants.  A quick inspection confirmed that we were being invaded by carpenter ants.  A few years ago we remodeled this particular shower, tearing out sheet rock and insulation and encountered carpenter ants living in the surrounding walls.  We thoroughly cleaned out what we could and sprayed the walls down with a residual insecticide before reinstalling insulation and more water-resistant Hardyboard® in the new shower stall. Apparently they are back.” Credits: Carpenter ant season is now | Insects in the City

Carpenter Ants Emerging In Swarms

“Swarming occurs when reproductively mature, but unmated, kings and queens leave the nest to mate.  These mating couples are winged and are referred to as alates, or swarmers.  The earliest swarmers to emerge in the winter are carpenter ants.” Credits: Carpenter ant season is now | Insects in the City

Carpenter Ants EmergingCarpenter Ants Emerging, Time to Indentify Them

“Carpenter ants are relatively large for ants, 1/4 to 1/2 inch-long.  They may come in different colors, but are usually red or black, or a mixture of the two colors (see pictures).  They may or may not have wings.”  Credits: Carpenter ant season is now | Insects in the City

Carpenter Ants Emerging, Locate Their Source

If you discover carpenter ants in your home, look for the hole where they are emerging.  This may or may not mark the exact location of the nest, but it will be close. Know that carpenter ants need water, so there is likely a water leak somewhere, dampening wood siding, flooring or beams, creating a perfect environment for carpenter ants to live and breed.

There are DIY methods of dealing with carpenter ants: Insecticide injection treatments. Unfortunately, carpenter ants are always difficult to treat and eliminate completely from the home or business.  

For most people, calling a professional is the best option for control. A good place to start is to schedule a professional carpenter ant inspection of your home or business. Then you’ll know for certain what you’re dealing with and your options.  

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