Bed Bug Problem: From School to Your Home

Bed Bug ProblemWe received a call the other day from a homeowner. That morning her son woke up with a grouping of small dark pink welts on his back. She immediately suspected a bed bug problem, but had no idea how the insects could have been introduced into her home. She was somewhat embarrassed, and repeatedly told us how her housekeeping standards were the best.

We found the home truly was immaculate, and were able to safely eliminate the bed bug problem within a few hours. Furthermore, we discovered the bed bugs had hitched a ride into the home on her son’s school back pack. No home, however well kept, is 100% safe from this type of bed bug problem.

Bed Bug ProblemBed Bug Problem: Increasing Due to Mobility

Bed bugs have been labeled one of the most difficult pests to control by pest management professionals nationwide. This is because bed bugs are one of the most mobile pests you can encounter.

Signs of a Bed Bug Problem

You can visually identify bed bugs by finding live insects, their eggs, or their molted skins. Inspections may also uncover feces, which look like tiny black dots and are typically found near where they live. When you see these signs, you have a bed bug problem. Credits: Getting Rid of Bed Bugs – Norwood, Boston

It’s Fall and bed bugs love the opportunity to hitch a ride from your children’s school right into your home. How can you keep beg bugs from invading your living space and creating a bed bug problem?

Bed Bug ProblemBed Bug Problem Prevention: Elementary and High School Parents

Here are 4 quick tips to help parents of elementary and high school age children avoid a bed bug problem:

  1. Regularly inspect student belongings – backpacks, gym bags, lunch boxes – for signs of bed bugs.
  2. If your child’s school has reported bed bug infestation, consider housing all related items in a sealed plastic bin.
  3. Wash and dry cloth items returning from school in hot temperatures.
  4. Ask school administrators whether they have bed bug detection and elimination plans.

Credits: It’s Back to School For Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Problem Prevention: College Parents

If you have children in college, the opportunities for a bed bug problem can dramatically increase.

Here are 4 quick tips to help parents of college students avoid a bed bug problem:

  1. Fully inspect suitcases prior to re-packing for a return to school, especially after any summer trips.
  2. Before putting sheets on a dorm or apartment bed, inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, and box springs for telltale stains or spots.
  3. ​Thoroughly inspect the entire room before unpacking, including behind the headboard and in sofas and chairs.
  4. Inspect any “secondhand” furniture for bed bugs before bringing it into a dorm rooms or off-campus housing.

Credits: It’s Back to School For Bed Bugs

Eliminate a Bed Bug Problem In Your Home Now

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