6 Natural Mice Repellents

House Mouse ControlNatural Mice Repellants May Be Safer, Cleaner and More Humane

Chemical products can create a messy cleanup and they can take days to kill mice. They can also harm your kids and pets. 

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Natural Mice Repellents: Mixed Reviews

The use of a natural mouse repellent is something to consider with the caution that deterrents like these have received mixed reviews. Some people claim that work great, while others state that they did not work at all. Also, if you have an established rodent problem, they may not be as effective as they are in preventing a problem in the first place.

6 Natural Mice Repellents

1) Pepperment Oil: Make sure the label says “100% pure”. Saturate cotton balls with peppermint oil and leave them around the areas you where have found droppings. Replace the cotton balls every few days as the oil quickly dissipates.  This is said to repel mice, sending them elsewhere.


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2) Apple Cider Vinegar:  Clean floors, the insides of cabinets and countertops with 50% apple cider vinegar (does not have to be organic) and 50% water.  Mice will avoid the area and leave.

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6 Natural Mice Repellents3) Cayenne Pepper Sachets: Make little sachets of cayenne pepper to place in areas mice like to hang out. Again, the smell of the pepper is supposed to drive them away.

4) Ammonia: Ammonia is said the mimic the scent of predators. Fill small containers and place them around the house where mice are known to live. 

5) Predator Odor: There are also commercially sold repellents that contain the urine of predators such as skunk or fox. combined with other organic materials. They’re sold in pellets or granules and are sprinkled around the area where the mice inhabit or travel.
Credits: Natural Mouse Repellent Options – HumanePestControlTips.com

6) Mint Leaves: 

  • Take a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Chop them using a sharp kitchen knife.
  • One you have chopped the mint leaves, mix them with water and keep them for two days in a basin or a container.
  • Sprinkle them around your home and in all the areas where you will find mice droppings.
  • Alternatively, you can put cotton balls inside the container or basin and then place these balls around the area where you think the mice are living. But don’t forget to change the balls after a couple of days.

Credits: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Natural Mice Repellent

While natural repellents are especially good at helping prevent a rodent problem in the first place, if you have an established rodent problem, you will need the help of a pest control expert.

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