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Rat Prevention Tips and Techniques

Rat Prevention

Rat Prevention Tips: Especially Valuable for Homes Near Water Do you live near a water source, for example, a lake, pond, river or creek? These areas can be especially favorable for rats, making your home a prime target. Rat Prevention by Making Your Home “Rat Unfriendly” Attack the problem with a three-fold strategy: Create rat […]

Rat Infestation Signs, Solutions

Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation: You May Not Know It Exists Rats are the root cause for destruction and contamination in the home and business; able to increase their colonies with 20 pups through their lifetime. Credits: Articles Life » Tips For Atlanta Rat Control How is it possible to have a rat infestation in your home and not even […]

Fall Yellow Jackets, Extremely Aggressive

Fall Yellow Jackets

Have you noticed that yellow jackets are especially aggressive and cranky in the fall? They seem to be everywhere, and ready to attack if you get too close, make loud noises, or just look at them wrong! Ever wondered why? Fall Yellow Jackets are Defending Their Queen Michigan State University Entomologist Howard Russell says this is […]

Winter Pest Control or “Spring Surprise”?

Winter Pest Control

Where did they come from? Why Winter Pest Control? Most people don’t think about Winter pest control. But the pests are there, just hidden. Actually, the pests Winter and multiply in your nice warm home, and as the weather heats up in the Spring, they emerge from hiding. With a little Winter pest control, you […]