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Weather Proofing Your Home for Winter

Weather Proofing Your Home

Weather proofing your home can save you thousands of dollars this Winter. Actually, we received this cool infographic from an insurance guy who is in a position to know exactly how much the average homeowner stands to save by weather proofing their home. In fact, there are specific weatherproofing actions you need to take in […]

Natural Spider Repellents

Natural Spider Repellents

Despite the fact that most varieties of spider pose no threat to humans (and given the way they keep the insect population under control we should view them as allies) many people dislike, and even fear them. Natural Spider Repellents: What makes them work? Natural spider repellents work because all spiders have their taste buds […]

6 Natural Mice Repellents


Natural Mice Repellants May Be Safer, Cleaner and More Humane Chemical products can create a messy cleanup and they can take days to kill mice. They can also harm your kids and pets.¬† Credits: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Natural Mice Repellent … Natural Mice Repellents: Mixed Reviews The use of a¬†natural mouse […]